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Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: Sure, but check with others involved first.
Fourthwalling: Yes.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Not really.

Hugging this character: Yes.
Kissing this character: Yes.
Flirting with this character: Yes.
More intimate things: If it happens. He's not super sexually active though. Yes for memes.
Relationships: If it happens! For memes, ofc.
Fighting with this character: Yes, but he doesn't like it. He can be scary at (rare) times though.
Injuring this character: Yes, but if it's bigger things, ask me first.
Killing this character: Ask first. In games? Nope.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: He doesn't have a brain, so is that even possible?
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► Name: Frejr

► Contact: fylgja@plurk

► Age: 23

► Do you have any characters currently in-game?: nope


► Name: Mikuni

► Journal: [personal profile] cyanea

► Canon: Orenchi no Furo Jijou

► History: here!

► Age: ???? A few centuries.

► Appearance: link!

► Personality: Mikuni is a very kind jellyfish. He cares a lot about others and thinks about what they’re feeling. He doesn’t like hurting people and he doesn’t like seeing others get hurt either. He is just as friendly as he is kind. He doesn’t mind touching, especially hugging. The problem with that is that when you touch his hands you get stung, and his hands are very much involved when he hugs you. He does feel bad about it afterward though, that he’s gotten caught up in the moment and accidentally hurt you.

He is a pretty shy creature, and doesn’t like asking for too much, especially not from a stranger. This is seen in his first appearance, where he worriedly regrets telling Tatsumi that he would like to try a specific kind of bottled water, claiming that he’s asked for too much. After a while he will get over some of that shyness and open up, even asking for things, like candy during halloween. But even then he will make sure that the other person isn’t left empty handed or feeling uncomfortable. He is a near constant worry-wart, and is very considerate. He might not be 100% of the time, but just like he is made out of 99% water, he is also made of 99% kindness (as cheesy as it sounds).

He is quite forgetful, something that has been blamed both on him getting senile from old age, and on him being an idiot, possibly a reference to how jellyfish do not have brains the way we do. He might forget things that happened just yesterday, and his reasons for doing things, which can be frustrating to others, but doesn’t seem to bother him at all.

Just like his see-through body, his personality gives off a kind of “floating” feeling. He doesn’t give much of an impression, and if you don’t focus on him you might miss that he’s there entirely, as he’s rather quiet most of the time. But even with his lighthearted spirit, he does have a bit of a temper, even though it’s buried far down inside of him. He doesn’t get angry often, but there are instances when it happens. One example is when he’s being stepped on, which he finds very unpleasant. He can also be very stubborn, especially when it comes to getting in between to of his arguing friends (especially Tatsumi and Takasu), telling them that fighting is bad. Most of the time, the only way to see that he’s annoyed might be from a small huff and puffed cheeks. He prefers when people are nice, and so, he’s going to be nice right back.

He is quite easy to scare, and it doesn’t take much to bring him to the brink of tears. He doesn’t have anything against crying in public, but he does have a problem with embarrassing situations. If he’s eaten something solid, he will be very shy about people looking at him, as they will be able to see the food. Hence he gets really uncomfortable when Takasu makes a game of him possibly having eaten something solid, which puts him both in an embarrassing situation, as well as in one that can look suspiciously sexual. As the shy creature that Mikuni is, this doesn’t sit well with him.

He does have times when he’s being sneaky though. It’s not in a bad way, but the rare times when he is he leaves caring about being a bother for a later moment (he will make up for it later), he can be quite the little annoyance. One of these times is when he splits into many little tiny Mikunis, running around and causing trouble for everyone involved. The only good part about it is that he doesn’t sting at that size.

► Monster: Slime.

► Abilities/Powers:
  • Jellyfish anatomy, 99% water
  • growing and shrinking depending on how much water's around
  • give shocks (unless he's tiny)
  • split up into many little Mikuni's and combine back into one huge Mikuni

► Personal Items: N...othing.


► Gen: how about this link from holly heights.

► Smut:
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Akabayashi | Durarara!!

Akabayashi is Mikuni's husband. He quite likes him to be
honest, even though he seems to like getting him
embarrassed. He feels sad knowing the poor man lost
his eye, but he's going to make sure his stay is as nice
as possible. Sorry for all the water bottles and bath
appliances everywhere.

Eagle | Kemono Kingdom ~Zoo~

A very nice boy, though he was a bit scary at first. He is
a bird who eats fish, and that's a scary thing. He tends to
forget he's a human when he arrives to Holly Heights,
and worries about getting eaten. This far however he
hasn't done anything bad, and that makes him glad.

Kisumi Shinigo | Free!

He's a strange but sweet boy. He seems to like making him
embarrassed though.

Kusuriuri | Mononoke

A strange man who sadly calls himself uninteresting. That's
not something Mikuni thinks is good, and he's set on trying
to make him gain more confidence.

Lezard Valeth | Valkyrie Profile

A man he hasn't quite grasped yet, but he seems nice enough.

Holly Short | Artemis Fowl

A nice woman who he bumped into at a welcoming party.     
She's kind.

Makoto Yuuki | Persona

He's a nice boy, who asks a lot of questions. That can be
goth good and bad, only time will tell. He has a bit of a too big
interest in Mikuni's eating habits.

Makishima Yuusuke | Yowamushi Pedal

A nice boy who has offered to teach him how to ride a bike.
Mikuni finds bites a bit scary since he's nearly been run over
by a few, but Makishima doesn't seem like the type who would
be mean to him. And he has very nice hair, kind of reminds him
of the things growing in the sea at times.

Naruko Soukichi | Yowamushi Pedal

A boy with a lot of energy. He was kind of exhausting, but he
wasn't a bad child. Overall Mikuni thought of him as a nice boy.

Your text would go here!

Matsuoka Rin | Free!

Such a sweet boy. His teeth made him think he was related to
Agari at first, but while he has a shark motif he's not a real shark.
He worries a lot, Mikuni has noticed.

Tachibana Makoto | Free!

A kind boy. He's very tall, and kind of looks like a gentle giant.
Or is Mikuni's human body just really short?

Toudou Jinpachi | Yowamushi Pedal

A nice but narcissistic boy, with very pretty hair. He has a very
good relationship with Makishima, and Mikuni is happy for that.

Nanami Chiaki | Dangan Ronpa

Such a sweet girl. She's slightly odd, but it doesn't really matter.
Mikuni is very used to strange people. He worries about her
being alone, but at least now she has a family.

Momoi Satsuki | Kuroko no Basket

She seems to be a kind girl, despite the first impression that was
kind of hurtful. He doesn't know very much about her, but he
supposes if they both stick around they're going to meet in person.

Renge Houshakouji | Ouran High School Host Club

His very odd daughter here in Holly Heights. She's sweet, but she
has so many questions that he can't keep up with her most days,
and that has NOTHING to do with his age. She's just very much...
a lot.

Milly Ashford | Code Geass

A sweet young woman, quite odd, but still sweet none the less. He
met her the first time when she was kind of sad, so he offered her
a free massage at Apollo.

Ankh | Kamen Rider OOO

This is a confusing boy. He seems so angry, he doesn't understand
why in the world he's so angry.

Gintoki Sakata | Gintama

He doesn't know what this boy is about, but he knows that he's
not as innocent as Gintoki might think he is. He's seen many

Katsura Koutaro | Gintama

This person is very strange. So very strange. He doesn't know
much more about him yet.

Takasu | Orenchi no Furo Jijou

Mikuni's silly friend. He's fond of him, but he gets annoyed by him
quite a lot, especially since he likes to call him old and senile. He
doesn't appreciate being called either of those things. He's a big
pervert, and enjoys making Mikuni squirm a little too much.

Takanobu Aone | Haikyuu!!

Mikuni's sweet son. Why are all his sons so tall though? It's kind
of odd, isn't it? He might look intimidating, but he's actually
quite sweet.

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character name: mikuni
canon: orenchi no furo jijou
canon point: volume 4
age: ???? (february 23)

Holly Heights
house: 1435
arrival: august 7 2014
family: akabayashi ([personal profile] littleoldme )

tags: main comm | log comm¨'

apartment: Floor 002, Room A.
arrival: opening date, May 4th 2016
tags: network | logs

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"Ah, hello! This is Mikuni! I'm sorry I didn't pick up, I'll get back to you!
And remember not to step on any poor little animals."

action - voice - video - voice message - text
(house 1435)

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